Improving Patient Recruitment Through Enhanced Data Visibility

Improving Patient Recruitment Through Enhanced Data Visibility
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Effective patient recruitment can reduce medicine development times and bring new treatments to patients faster than any other single optimisation.  Consequently, there is significant innovation ongoing to increase recruitment to clinical trials.  However, the approach is often siloed at a process, study and disease area level.  It is important to look outside the patient recruitment area and consider “best in class” use cases.  One of these is the application of Supply Chain Management principles and technology.  Patient recruitment done well needs to be patient-focused, well-planned, agile, collaborative, integrated, and most-of-all visible – just like a well-run supply chain.

Our free breakfast sessions enable you to air common challenges of working in our sector, and learn from others’ experiences. You are welcome to attend!

John Murray-Pryce
John Murray-Pryce, Ph.D, is an Independent Life Sciences Consultant at Ecton Associates Ltd. He is passionate about delivering competitive advantage through digital innovation. John has more than 25 years global experience at AstraZeneca and Merck in pharmaceutical development, clinical supply chain and digital health. He is proud to have built high performing teams and led transformation programmes that significantly reduced medicine waste and increased both sustainability and patient-centricity. He is also extremely grateful to have been the CMC Leader in the brand team that developed and commercialised Olaparib, a first in class, targeted PARP inhibitor for breast, ovarian and prostate cancer.
Participants will be able to:
  • Share their own challenges with like-minded people
  • Pick up some successful approaches from others, to generating better results
  • Hear some tips from our expert moderator
  • Elect to attend further sessions
Who we welcome
  • Clinical research and operations professionals as well as supply chain professionals interested in thinking outside the box!

Logistics & costs

  • Free of Charge
  • 1 hour per (virtual) session
  • 1-2 facilitators
  • 8 - 12 participants