Dr Stephen Bingham CEng, FIChemE Chemical Engineering

Stephen studied Chemical Engineering at Bradford University, gaining an MSc and then an at Unilever gained an external PhD for his work on developing new scale-up methods for Agitated Ball Mills. Over the last 35 years Stephen has lead projects that have made step changes to manufactured product quality and manufacturing efficiency; applying science and a fundamental understanding of engineering principles to make products better, faster and cheaper. He was recently voted a Fellow of the Institute of Chemical Engineers.

He has worked in the food, FMCG and OTC Healthcare sectors, leading projects ranging from fundamental up-stream technical research through process development to plant design/build and running production departments on 2 factory sites.

Unless you have lived as a hermit, you will almost certainly have had your life improved by using a product he has formulated or that has been manufactured on one of the plants he has designed, built or run: be it applying VapoRub to soothe a cold, eating chocolate, shaving, showering, applying make-up, anti-perspirant, face cream, washing, gelling or dyeing your hair. His processes/engineering designs have become the standard platform for Wella and Clairol Hair Dye and VapoRub making systems across the globe.

Stephen has wide experience as a technical coach and mentor, and particular skills in systematic analysis/optimization to step-change process efficiencies and solve complicated production/QA/compliance issues involving formulation, engineering, process and pack design. Having worked with many organisations across the world he is sensitive to cultural and organisational differences and how to get things done across continents by influencing even when there is no direct reporting relationship.