Interim Management & Recruitment

Are you looking to scale up your workforce according to the company’s changing needs? Or to access skilled professionals without the overheads associated with permanent hires. Are you looking for significant cost savings, quicker hiring times, and increased capacity to manage workload fluctuations?

With our extensive network of highly experienced industry professionals with experience across different specializations, we can help addressing resource gaps that you have in your organisation by allocating interim managers for a specific period or until you have found a permanent resource. They are ready to integrate into existing teams and contribute to the ongoing work.

We can also help filling your permanent recruitment needs by conducting specific searches via experienced recruitment consultants. We will make sure that you will receive exactly matching candidates as the interview process also includes a technical interview by our subject matter experts who then will provide an assessment of their technical skills.

More information can be found in an overview article on differentiating approaches and value propositions of consulting and staffing in the biopharma industry.

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