Chris Williams PhD FBPhS MBTI cert.

Chris has had a long standing scientific leadership career in the pharmaceutical industry where she has led teams conducting early research in to small molecule and antibody therapeutics. Through this, and her subsequent transition in to more operational roles within pharma and the NHS, she has developed experience in process optimization, project and portfolio management and change leadership, as well as individual and team effectiveness.

Chris has a broad understanding of drug discovery at both a strategic and operational level. She has worked at Board level, as Chair, Trustee or Advisor and her operational  specialisms are in assay development and screening processes, team interfaces and dynamics, individual and team effectiveness and culture change.

Chris has supported spin outs, Biotechs and mid- to large size pharma to deliver culture change projects; optimise compound management, data integrity and screening practices,  support organizational design and recruitment; the design and delivery of bespoke workshops to facilitate team effectiveness, strategic planning and objective setting and provision of leadership coaching.