Growing Your Business Beyond Borders – Expanding to Other Countries. Special focus on the US

Growing Your Business Beyond Borders – Expanding to Other Countries. Special focus on the US
October 24th 2024 at 12 noon GMT (UK time), online meeting
High Performing Life Science Organisations
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Regardless of where your business operates, no country is really free from the economic uncertainties that we all currently face.  However, some markets still remain more lucrative than others, and expanding into these markets is a question that many owners and executives of, particularly young, companies ask.  What does expand really mean?  When is the right time?  What does this mean operationally?  Do I have to go “all in”, or can I start slowly?  In this session, we will discuss current real-life examples of companies that have learned what it takes to establish operations abroad – or not.

During this session, a special focus will be placed on expansions to the US.

Tobias Hoppe
In his 30+ years in life sciences, Tobias’ mantra has always been "Improving Performance" - whether it is as a strategy consultant and executive for top and specialist advisory companies, as head of R&D project and resource management, or as service line leader for a technology company. It drives what he does, whether it is an operating strategy, process optimization program, project / development team management, or using technologies and data as disruptors.

As founder of 3T3 Consulting, Tobias improves how life science and health-tech companies plan and operate and manage their critical assets. He is also a mentor and executive for several growing companies from around the world that are looking to establish a presence in the US. As SVP of Advarra Consulting, Tobias ran a highly profitable, multi-million-dollar consulting organization with four verticals (Clinical, Quality, Regulatory, Institutional Research). As Head of R&D Project and Resource Management for Altana Pharma, he facilitated executive level decision-making to drive the R&D project portfolio. He also ran Accenture’s Life Science R&D Service Line for Austria, Switzerland and Germany.
Participants will be able to:
  • Understand key topics to consider when evaluating expansion to the US
  • Share success stories and lessons learned
  • Identify applicable approaches for their own expansion strategies by hearing from others
  • Hear some tips from our expert moderator
  • Elect to attend further sessions
Who we welcome
  • Start-up company leaders / founders / owners (non-US)
  • R&D company leadership for companies not currently operating in the US
  • Pharmaceutical industry, biotech, university