Leading Across Silos

Leading Across Silos
13 November 2024, 9am GMT (UK time), online meeting.
High Performing Life Science Organisations
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Every life science organisation that is developing products, commercial assets or high value services, is a complex, multi-discipline environment that needs to work cross-functionally. Yet as our companies grow, new people and functions are added; cross company collaboration may not be well sponsored at the most senior level; leaders of projects have to pull together a helpful but sometimes ‘not all of one mind’ group, without having direct authority.

Our free breakfast sessions enable you to air common challenges of working in our sector, and learn from others’ experiences. You are welcome to attend!

John Faulkes
Following an initial career in Pharma/medical diagnostics science, then as a Pharma Learning and Development business partner, he has 18+ years consulting experience specialising in cross-functional team effectiveness, leadership development and partnership working. He has worked extensively with organisations and their people to help them to collaborate across complex structures and assignments, developing cross-functional leadership, helping to build dynamic, engaged teams and work productively in outsourcing partnerships and alliances. He has also run highly-rated training in project management skills for many years. He is an expert facilitator/moderator, can draw effective conclusions and action plans from meetings, brainstorm sessions and more. John is an active member of the Pharmaceutical Industry Project Management Group and is a member of several associate networks.
Participants will be able to:
  • Share their own challenges with like-minded people
  • Pick up some successful approaches from others, to generating better collaboration and motivating a team
  • Hear some tips from our expert moderator
  • Elect to attend further sessions
Who we welcome
  • Anyone in a life science organisation leading a project or company initiative, especially where people from different disciplines need to collaborate.

Logistics & costs

  • Free of Charge
  • 1 hour per (virtual) session
  • 1-2 facilitators
  • 8 - 12 participants