We can help your business to:
  • Embed integrated approaches and processes
  • Use powerful approaches to support decision making
  • Define and use the right metrics and KPIs
  • Create strategies to optimise the delivery of projects
  • Build and sustain effective project teams

Do you recognize any of these?

  1. We don’t have a single view of project schedules that are up to date and generally accessible
  2. Tasks including critical items such as clinical trials, always start late
  3. We don’t have an integrated view of the threats/risks across all of our project work
  4. Priorities across projects are not clear – everything seems to be high priority
  5. Decision making is convoluted, often at the wrong level and takes much longer than it should
  6. There is frequently overlap and confusion between project managers, functional experts and senior managers
  7. When starting new projects, we don’t apply lessons from current/previous projects

With our help your organisation can optimise the use of processes and tools to match your size/portfolio diversity. As we term it – to sit on the ‘Blue Line of Success‘. You will make the right project decisions, more effectively hit milestones and budget realistically, through a fusion of processes, tools, analyses and modeling techniques, as well as winning team behaviours.

Check out some of our Insights articles, and some Case Studies describing our recent work.

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