Project and Portfolio management

Are you on the Blue Line?

Depending on your organisation’s size and the number of development projects that you have running right now, there is a level of […]

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Target Product Profiles in Drug R&D – Regulatory Profiles

Regulatory Target Product Profiles (RTPPs)  RTPPs describe the aims of a drug development programme in terms of labelling concepts. They can be used […]

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Target Product Profiles in Drug R&D – Emerging profiles

Emerging TPPs  As a drug moves through development its properties, activity and effect on disease are revealed. ETPPs are used […]

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Target Product Profiles in Drug R&D – Aspirational profiles

Aspirational Target Product Profiles (ATPPs)  ATPPs provide the context for and set targets along a range of key criteria that are required to […]

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Target Product Profiles in Drug R&D – Introduction

Target Product Profiles (TPPs) are descriptions of key features needed in a new treatment for a disease and are used to […]

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Mobile Leadership 1 – why is it so important?

A project-centric way of working is so fundamental to the life science world, you would think that employees    would […]

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Mobile leadership 2 – what is the mindset?

What needs to change in our heads for us to be able to lead cross functional teams effectively? Sometimes we […]

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Mobile leadership 3 – what are the skills to develop commitment and trust?

How can a leader build commitment in a cross functional team? Leaders may come into this position having a strong […]

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Mobile leadership 4 – developing the skills

Cross functional leaders who have up to now worked in expert functions, are accustomed to learning more about their specialism […]

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Mobile leadership 5 – who is your customer?

It is common to find that teams do not analyse their internal customers/stakeholders, which can lead to a confusion in […]

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Mobile leadership 6 – seeking sponsorship

There are practical ways to develop this sort of leadership mindset and skills, but internal project office / L&D people […]

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