Integrated Product Development

Target Product Profiles in Drug R&D – Regulatory Profiles

Regulatory Target Product Profiles (RTPPs)  RTPPs describe the aims of a drug development programme in terms of labelling concepts. They can be used […]

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Target Product Profiles in Drug R&D – Emerging profiles

Emerging TPPs  As a drug moves through development its properties, activity and effect on disease are revealed. ETPPs are used […]

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Target Product Profiles in Drug R&D – Aspirational profiles

Aspirational Target Product Profiles (ATPPs)  ATPPs provide the context for and set targets along a range of key criteria that are required to […]

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Target Product Profiles in Drug R&D – Introduction

Target Product Profiles (TPPs) are descriptions of key features needed in a new treatment for a disease and are used to […]

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The Benefits and Pitfalls of Repurposing Drugs

The interest in drug repurposing has grown, as the effort required to bring new drugs to market has increased. When […]

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Is Orphan Drug Status the answer to everyone’s prayers?

Developing orphan drugs is a risky business. Small numbers of patients, despite high prices, may not lead to high revenue […]

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Double-Edged Sword

Consequences for Medical Devices in case of a no deal Brexit. Over the Counter (OTC) remedies may not seem like […]

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