People are at the centre of any business and can be pivotal to the success or failure of any endeavour. Whether you wish to create:

  • High performing project teams
  • Agile and innovative functional groups
  • Collaborative internal and external partnerships or
  • Authentic and inspiring leaders that drive your desired culture or transformation

We can help.

Why not try our FREE ‘Powered by People’ diagnostic to understand how much the human factors are affecting your business, your team or your project?



All of our consultants, facilitators and trainers have worked directly within core business functions in the Pharma or Biotech sector and are scientists by training. We have a proven track record of:

  • Facilitating the tough conversations
  • Developing workshops and training materials to upskill individuals, teams and leaders
  • Team building to build the strength of teams and leaders
  • Diagnosing your needs and exactly what development activities will make the difference
  • Individual coaching and behavioural profiling

We have several case studies to share and have gained many insights  that you might find interesting. Furthermore, if you have specific queries don’t hesitate to contact our practice leads John Faulkes and Chris Williams.

The Organisation Radar

We want to help you to deploy approaches that will really make business improvements with minimum resource. We are regularly sought to provide training, which is often a symptom of some other underlying problem. Whilst many challenges do not have entirely simple solutions, with our help you can scan a situation powerfully – take a deeper dive into your needs with our ‘Organisation Radar’ consultation and find the best solution possible. We will provide you with a Gap Analysis – your strengths and areas of weakness; a Risk analysis – what lack of capabilities may undermine your plans and what opportunities you have; a Plan – an optimised mix of activities to build maximum capabilities at minimum cost. For a description of this service – See Here.

You don’t need a deep understanding of how this model of thinking works, for us to help you! But if you are interested, click through the explanation below, and also see links to some related case studies.

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